Exam-Integrated Reviews

An exam-integrated CUSO review is performed as a component of a credit union exam. An EIC has the authority to decide when to perform these reviews. During an exam-integrated review, examiners will review the accuracy of information submitted by the CUSO in the CUSO Registry. It is imperative that this information is correct to accurately identify and assess risk and take appropriate action (including conducting stand-alone reviews) regarding CUSOs that present elevated risk.

When conducting an exam-integrated CUSO review, examiners should:

Examiners will document this review using the expanded CUSO Controls (IC – CUSO) in AIRES. This information may be used to support the need for a stand-alone CUSO review.

Reviewing CUSO Registry Information

In accordance with the NSPM, NCUA examiners are required to verify the completeness and accuracy of information reported by a CUSO in the CUSO Registry during examinations. This review step is documented by completing the first seven questions in the CUSO Controls (IC – CUSO) in the AIRES Questionnaire Workbook.

Because CUSOs only report information to the NCUA at the beginning of the calendar year, examiners attempting to reconcile registry data with credit union data will need to account for timing differences.

Last updated August 9, 2018