Document of Resolution

The DOR outlines the problem(s) identified and corrective action plan(s) that represent agreements reached with officials to correct problems of the highest priority and concern arising from the examination or supervision contact. Examiners will detail the person(s) responsible, a citation for the problem, and the timeframe for taking corrective action in the DOR. The NCUA expects faithful performance from credit union management on all agreements reached and documented in the DOR. Credit union management’s failure to address DOR items may result in administrative action.

Problems included in a DOR must be significant enough that the examiner would recommend escalating to the next level of elevated enforcement action (for example, Regional Director letter, Letter of Understanding and Agreement) for failure to correct the problem. DOR items are those that management must begin to address immediately or within a compressed timeframe due to the risk associated with the problem. Sometimes, the problem may take significant time to be fully resolved. In these instances, the credit union must initiate action to address the items quickly, even if it may take a year or more to fully resolve the problem or comply with the corrective action item.

Last updated July 29, 2015.